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Infrastructure Upgrades & Supporting Technologies

From EV charging installations to solar battery storage, we have the impressive capacity to support a comprehensive electrification transition for commercial properties of any size. As the evolution of electric mobility and solar energy continues to bloom, Energy and Environmental Design Services, LLC in Boca Raton, FL is future-proofing Palm Beach County businesses and ensuring EV drivers have more accessible means of charging up.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of compassionate individuals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in sustainability and cost-reduction strategies. If your business is considering EV technology or solar energy adoption, we have the supporting technologies to satisfy your needs.

solar panel canopy

Protect Your Investments While Preserving the Planet

At Energy and Environmental Design Services, LLC, we’re empowering businesses both big and small with the confidence to protect their assets now and well into the future. And that future starts with renewable energy! As your implementation partner, we’ll conduct a thorough on-site evaluation to assess the specifics of your property. We’ll then present our impressive selection of solar energy equipment and match you with the best products and services that suit your unique needs.

  • Energy Procurement Strategies
  • Solar Panel Sales & Installations
  • Battery Storage System Sales & Installations
  • Microgrid Development & Implementation
  • Building Automation/Controls
  • Generators/Redundancy Solutions
  • Power Conditioning/TVSS

Power Your Business to the Next Level

Energy and Environmental Design Services, LLC remains committed to providing greener, more sustainable energy sources for businesses throughout the local region. While utility costs are rising, more companies are discovering the wide-ranging benefits produced by adopting more environmentally-friendly business practices. Explore what solar energy can do for your bottom line! We proudly offer solar energy panels, solar battery storage, and commercial microgrid systems that can be custom-engineered to fit your property and expertly installed with precision. Our selection of cutting-edge solar technology will drastically reduce overhead costs, optimize energy consumption, and power your business well into the future.

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