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Leading the Charge in Commercial EV Technology

Energy and Environmental Design Services, LLC is leveraging the growing popularity of electric vehicles to inspire the transition to EV technology throughout Boca Raton, FL, and beyond. Our influence is leading many businesses to meet the increasing demand for public charging spots by joining our network of EV charging stations designed to usher in a new era of transportation sustainability.

As utility costs rise and EV technology evolves, we’re seizing the opportunity to create a greener, more prosperous economy. It’s time to look to the future of mobility – and that future is electric. Explore our EV integration services and electrify your business today.

Charging times can vary depending on the electric vehicle model, battery type, and the station’s maximum level of power. 70KWh batteries in electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3 can be fully charged within 40-50 minutes from a low-level charge and as little as 10-15 minutes from a high-performance EV charging station. Larger batteries like the 170KWh battery in Ford’s Lighting pick-up truck can be charged to full capacity in approximately 110-120 minutes with a lower-level charge and within 25-30 minutes with commercial-grade EV charging stations.

Energy and Environmental Design Services, LLC is one of many EV infrastructure leaders standing in support of adopting Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), a uniform solution aimed at standardizing methods of communication between the EV charge point and the centralized system.

Proprietary EV charging systems often lead to an overall bad user experience, drive up total costs, and establish strict limitations for the end user. OOCP is a global platform that allows equipment from different hardware manufacturers to seamlessly connect and interact with different software service providers. By standardizing the communications between hardware and software, charging station owners can enjoy many key benefits, including:

  • Incorporate EV charging stations from different manufacturers
  • Freedom and flexibility to switch software service providers
  • Can use primary, secondary, and backup manufacturer planning for national programs
  • Gain leverage to negotiate better pricing
  • Asset network investment protection
  • Access to greater portfolio of innovation

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