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Leading the Charge in Commercial EV Charging Services

There is no lack of variety in the electric automobile market, yet there are still not enough EV charging stations available to keep up with the demand of a growing demographic. As cities worldwide continue to welcome more EV drivers to the open road, we’re focused on facilitating the expansion of accessible EV charging points throughout our local communities. From parking lots and municipality sites to retailers and fleets, Energy and Environmental Design Services, LLC in Boca Raton, FL offers comprehensive EV charging services for commercial properties throughout Palm Beach County. Learn how you can upgrade your property today.

person plugging in EV car

Creating Cleaner, Greener Florida Communities

When businesses are ready to turn to electrification, our complete turnkey approach can provide solutions for your EV charging needs at every level. At Energy and Environmental Design Services, LLC, we have established strategic partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers around the globe, giving clients access to some of the most sustainable, high-performance EV technologies available. Select from a nearly endless array of EV charging station models, configurations, and customizable software programs designed to enhance your operations, engage new revenue opportunities and promote an environment that benefits the general public’s overall health. Electrify your business today and join our growing EV charging network!

EV charging station

Full-Service Design, Installation, & Support

Our engineers and installation specialists have spent years helping businesses streamline their transition to EV technology. From planning and design to expert installation and beyond, Energy and Environmental Design Services, LLC has the extensive capacity to manage complex EV integration projects with ease. Our EV charging services include:

  • EV Charging Equipment & Software Sales
  • Customized EV Program Development
  • National Project Management
  • Design, Make Ready, & Installation
  • Field Service
  • Repairs & Preventive Maintenance
  • Dedicated On-Call Services
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Warranties & Services Agreements
  • Risk Reduction & Future-Proofing
  • Heat Mapping

Start the Electrification Process Today

When you choose us, our team thoughtfully considers every last detail to ensure your new EV charging system is built with performance and longevity in mind. Trusting our electrification experts to manage your infrastructure upgrade means you’ll be partnered with an industry leader and staunch advocate of providing more accessible means of charging up for EV drivers around the world! Get ahead of the competition and consider the evergreen solution to your ongoing success. Contact us today.

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